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28 Day Rhythm Challenge

The 28 day rhythm challenge is a 28-day workbook based on circadian rhythm work done by Dr. Satchin Panda (Check out his podcast on Bulletproof Radio:, breath and cold water exposure habits from Wim Hof the Ice Man (Listen to his amazing interview with Tim Ferris, and mindset transformation programming from Dr. Joe Dispenza (Listen to his interview with Aubrey Marcus

For 28 days, work on:

  • aligning your circadian rhythm by working toward a consistent wake-up time, bedtime, and 10-hour eating window

  • starting your day with Wim Hof Breathing along to Kevin Kennedy's song Breathe. on Spotify

  • 3 Full-Body functional movement workouts a week

  • ending every shower with 30 seconds of cold

  • writing out a daily to-do list for intentional productivity

  • daily meditation on Insight Timer

  • nightly journaling prompts from Joe Dispenza's Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself for mindset transformation

The 28 Day Rhythm Challenge is $28.00 and comes with a physical workbook sent to you, a 3x/week workout program via, access to the 28 Day Rhythm Challenge Facebook group, and a Freestyle Nutrition grocery list, meal outline, and recipe book pdf sent to your email. To Sign up: send an email you would like to join to with your name, mailing address, and $28.



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